Sunday, September 30, 2012

Finally!!! They Are So Shiny and Brite!!!

Oh my goodness!  It finally happened...I found some vintage Christmas ornaments!  Wooohooo!!!  Now everyone can finally get a break from my whining about never being able to find any.
The Mom and I went to the local Flea Market for our first time yesterday and found these pretty things:

I found these with the first vendor we went to and she sold me all of them for a killer price!  They are mostly Shiny Brite bulbs with a few odds and ends mixed in.  Some of them I will keep to adorn my own tree (it's silver and awesome!!!) and some of them will go to the booth to be sold.  I "oooohhhh" and "aaaaaaahhhhh" every time I look at them! Do you think I should sell the full boxes as one piece or should I split them up and sell them individually? 

This box is my favorite!  I wonder if any of these are mercury glass...

I also bought this travel case.  The handle is missing, but people don't really use these for the original purpose anymore.  I have one that I use for my "currently working on"  crafts.  Looks nicer than my previous crusty shoe box.  It should sell just fine if I price it right.

And some more vintage cards...

That is it for my spoils.  The Mom purchased a neat cigar box and a cool 100 year old book.
So it wasn't a bad trip.  It's a small market full of "made in China" produced-by-the-billions stuff, but between those vendors we found a few really good ones.  It isn't anything like the ones I have seen through some of your blogs, but it was fun and I will certainly go again.  I will probably wait until it gets cold though because it wasn't even that hot today yet we still baked like potatoes on that hot asphalt.
How is your flea market?  Good, bad or meh...its ok.

Today I'm linking up with Sunny Simple Life for Sunny Simple Sunday.  Have a great week everyone!


  1. Stopped by from Sunny Simple! Love those old ornaments and using the old travel case for craft stuff is such a great idea. And I just got rid of one of those. Wah!

  2. Oh wow. I just love the vintage ornaments as they so remind me of my childhood. I have all of my mom's ornaments and some are almost 70 years old. What a treasure trove you scored. I am so glad you finally found some. They can be so spendy. Thank for sharing with us.

    1. Thanks so much for coming by Elaine! It is really cool that you have your mom's ornaments! My favorite ornaments of my mom's are the ones she put on the tree when we were little. I love how one little object can make you remember being young and innocent. And you're right, they can be spendy for sure.

  3. Holy #^$*&%*#! You found "some"...I think you brought home the motherload! Very envious! :)


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