Sunday, September 9, 2012

Out and About Today

The Little Dude wanted some special Daddy time today, so I took the hint and went out by myself!  I'm lucky because I still get to do that usually once a week.  I have such a cool husband who totally enjoys spending time with his Little Dude and who also understands that I will go a little bat crap crazy with out my me time.  
So for a few hours I was off to do as I pleased.  I hit a local thrift shop and actually came out empty handed, I know, crazy!  Then it was on to Manitou Springs to walk around and people watch and hit a few little shops.    

This one always has great plants. 

As soon as I find the right vintage planter I will be going back there for this guy.

Again, I left empty handed.  Next I popped into Old Colorado City to check out this store that I can't stand and don't know why I even go in.  This guy is basically a serious hoarder who needed an excuse to rent a retail space.  Everything is high:  the piles, the prices and probably the owner.

This is the Pyrex he had priced like gold (that primary set was in terrible dishwashered like crazy shape and he wanted $100 for it!), but treated like crap:

So I again left empty handed and this time annoyed.  I was ready to head home but then realized I had skipped my favorite thrift shop, so I boogied on over.  I'm glad I did because I found a few cool things.

This table lamp combo is just what I need in my sun room!  It uses the biggest bulb I've ever seen.  I will probably have to go to a specialty shop to replace it.  And I also found a cool metal file box 

Tomorrow I will be going to an antique mall to check out a small space, so wish me luck!  

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