Wednesday, September 19, 2012

No Ifs, Ands or Buttons

Ha!  Think I'm a dork if you must, but I love this title!  Anyway, so on Saturday the Mom and I went to the craft show that I talked about here.  These are what we came home with!

Squeeeeelll!!!  Isn't this awesome?!  This is a broach that the Mom got from Barbara's Buttons or the button lady as everyone at the show calls her.  It is a bakelite poker chip with lovely vintage buttons and odds and ends glued to it.  This is a great piece and she is so excited about it!

Drum roll please...

Isn't this bracelet just lovely?  The carved bakelite face screamed at me when I saw it.  For years I have resisted purchasing from her because they are kind of pricey, but I couldn't do it this year.  Look at this thing!  How could  I resist?

Grandmas old buttons are off limits when it comes to making an item to sell in my booth, but I have other buttons and I think this has inspired me to use them for a few jewelry projects.
So if anyone has any old buttons they want to get rid of, send them my way!  I'll make you something neat!

Heading off to It's a Very Cherry World to link up for REDnesday!  I hope everyone has a great day, just remember that Wednesday is half way to Friday!  We are so close!  (What do I care though, this blog is the only reason I started keeping track of what day it is again!)


  1. Happy Rednesday! I love buttons too and would not have been able to resist that bracelet But I especially love the flamingo on the broach!

  2. Ha! Before I read your first line, I thought to myself "what a clever title!" So you're not a dork!!
    Love that brooch! The flamingo is just so sweet!
    Happy Rednesday!

  3. Hi Melissa!
    I gasped when I saw that flamingo pin! It's sooo cute! And of course I would have caved and finally bought that bracelet too! It's amazing! I have tons of old buttons...guess I better take a closer look at them.
    Erica :)

  4. Oh, they're both so lovely! And unique! Gotta love that face! :)


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