Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ridiculous (but so cool) Chairs

These chairs are screaming my name and I don't know how to make them stop!  Well, that isn't true, I know how to make them stop...make them mine!
I found these while poking around on my local craigslist:

Aren't they wonderful?!  Now, I know they are kind of dirty looking and the upholstery is atrocious, but I think they could be awesome with a little face lift.  The shape of these is so strange and I think that is what makes me like them so much.  And they swivel!  Who doesn't love a swivel chair?!
If I can come up with a reasonable place for them to live in my house until I have the extra funds to make them beautiful, they will be mine...oh yes...they will be mine.


  1. Delightful and beautiful!! Late visit from Pink Saturday.

    Here is my PINK, your comment is always a pleasure to read.

    Have a great week ahead.

  2. Ooh, yeah, I think with a really cool fabric those could be amazing! Niiice.


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