Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Stuff I left Behind

These are some of the lovely things I left behind last weekend in Pueblo.  I'm telling you guys, I could so be a hoarder.  It takes more energy than it reasonably should for me to say no and walk away.

This metal trash can was in great shape.  Aren't the cherries cute?!

So this begged me to come live at my house and somehow I said no.  It is an incredibly heavy and sturdy dentist lamp, at least that is what the dealer called it.  If I had a place to put it, or if I could have faked like I had a place to put it, I would have totally bought it.

These are two covered Pyrex dishes that I finally got to see in real life.  I never see these with the lids.  They were in beautiful shape, but they were priced way out of my league so I had to leave them behind.   

I hope you will excuse my bad pictures.  I feel like dealers and shop owners look at me strange when I break out a real camera and take the time to do a nice photo so these were done with my phone, sneaky style.
Does anyone else feel like this?  Should I care if these people look at me sideways?  Usually I would get sassy, but I'm trying to stop doing that.  One of these days my mouth is gonna get me in real trouble!

So that is it for my Rednesday post.  I'm going to head over there now and link up and check out the other party goers.   Thanks again It's A Very Cherry World!  These color days are so much fun!


  1. This is my first time participating in Rednesday. I agree about feeling guilty taking pictures in dealers booths. Lately, when I go in an antique store, I've been letting them know that I write a blog and may take a few pictures if they don't mind. Nobody has told me no yet.

  2. I generally do what BEE does. Most people are very nice about picture taking.:)
    Enjoyed your reds....

  3. Happy Rednesday! I saw you over at Sue Loves Cherries and had to pop in and get a better look at that trash can. It must have been WRENCHING to leave it!

  4. Just look at all those pretty RED treasures! The cherries are a delight and oh, those wonderful red kitchen pieces!
    Happy Rednesday, my friend!

  5. LOVE that waste basket! ♥

  6. I've learned to take pictures of those items that are WAY too cute but shouldn't come home with me ...

    Popped in from Rednesday.


  7. Hi Melissa. I feel that way about the camera too. I don't think I would have successfully left the lamp OR trash can behind! Love the COLOR!
    Thanks for stopping by to see my little twin kittycat--on another note, my brother and his fam live in Colorado Springs!
    Happy Thursday!

  8. Oh, my, April - you should have snagged that cherries can and sent it off to me, lol! It hurts not to be able to buy the expensive stuff, huh? Well, at least you did some fine window shopping and picture taking!


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