Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Booth Update and Snow

Yup, you read that right, snow and lots of it.  So yesterday I made this sign for my booth.

It says "hello spring,  we missed you!"  Well apparently I spoke too soon or jinxed us because this is currently what it looks like outside here in Colorado.   We need the moisture desperately so I'm not complaining.  Crazy Colorado, it's May!!!
Another inch or so has fallen since this picture.  

So thankfully that globe is not the same one that I complain about all the time because that one sold!  This one just is the same exact style...lets see how long it takes for this one to sell.  I'm also happy to report that April was my best month yet!  The globe, type writer, lamp and a ton of Pyrex has sold.  Keeping up has been tough, but fun.  I love this stuff!  I can't wait to see what warmer weather will bring us!
Resellers, how was your April?  How do you guys normally do during the summer time?


  1. April is our worst month usually (so sayeth the employees) and this year, I BELIEVE IT! I started off strong, but it tapered off mid-month! Made a little, but not as good as normal!

    Glad yours was hopping!

  2. Congrats on the strong month! Sorry to hear about the snow. I'm glad it's not here in Toronto, but I hear some fellow Canadians in Alberta got it, too. When will it end?

  3. Loved these photos, right what I needed for an epic booth-switch out. :p April wasn't bad but I wanted more sales since I moved to a nice big booth. Takes a bit to get the hang of it. Summer is usually bad news here but I'll work hard to get the sales up!

  4. Sorry for your weather, but YAY for your booth doing well. It looks great. :)

  5. Those look so awesome, and your grandma sounds like a cool chic :)


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