Friday, May 10, 2013

Bench Conundrum

This cool bench is at the antique market where my booth is.  I have a great deck where it could live plus it is on sale from $80 down to $50.  That's such a steal, buuuuuut  the adorable little lawn gnomes might be clouding my judgement.  I have been looking for a metal shell backed glider bench (hopefully that makes sense, I'm not sure of an official name) for a while. 
 Should I hold out until I find a fun retro glider or get this cute alternative, which also glides?  


  1. Wait for the clamshell glider! You will be so happy when you find it. Plus I think they are waaaaaaaay cuter. Don't let those gnomes trick you!


  2. This might be sacrilege, but have you considered a repro glider? I have a repro glider and chair from Lowe's and I love them. Just a thought in case you get too impatient! :)

  3. I would buy it...but I'm bad like that. ;)


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