Thursday, May 23, 2013

Left Behind - Warning...Clowns are Pictured Here

This week it wasn't just thrift price madness that forced me to leave items behind (though that certainly played a large part).  It was also just the pure strangeness of it all.  See for was a weird and creepy week at the thrifts
Blog Disclaimer: Sorry if you have a fear of clowns, just scroll past the first two pictures.  : )
The two on the left are ok, kind of cute but still kind of scary because they are clowns.  Then there is the hilarious/terrifying one on the right, who either just farted or is plotting a Criminal Minds style murder. 
Holy crap, there's so many more of them!  
Moving on from the scary ass clowns!
This Blendo pitcher is huge and beautiful, but it had two things against it.  The $18 price tag and the condition.  It looked like someone had burned candles in it.  It probably could have been saved, but the price wasn't worth the time, plus they don't sell well in my booth and it would be a wicked pain to ship.  
What the heck is going on here?  I got nothin.
 I thought long and hard about this cool lamp.  I just don't have the space for more lamps!  Dang!
 This typewriter was the champion of thrift price madness this week.  They wanted 50 big ones for it!  In a damn thrift shop?!  Yeah, NO!  It was in great shape, but that's about what I would have asked for it so I passed on it without much regret.   
Did anyone else have a thrift price madness encounter this week?  

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  1. $50 for a typewriter at a thrift store?!?! That's insanity! I think Goodwill always has crazy prices, especially on Pyrex - even the dishwasher damaged ones.

  2. Your thrift outing seems to have been a good one. You at least saw some neat and vintage things.

  3. After reading your post, I am a little skeptical about heading out today! Hopefully I have better luck and I don't run into any clowns.


  4. Don't laugh but I used to collect clowns. I've sold most of them except I have my Emmett Kelly, Jr. collection still in display in a hutch. One of the few people in the world that is not scared by clowns.

  5. That is a very high price for a typewriter.

  6. Wow! Someone really got rid of their clown collection. That or a discount store was like "screw it. We've had these for 15 years. They ain't selling."

    I haven't done one of these posts for so long, but I'm planning one! My BF got me a new phone we a decent cam.

  7. $50 for that typewriter!?!?! DANG! Crazy!!!!

    I like that lamp too. Are you a lamp addict? I am a lamp addict.


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